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Maharashtra/Karnataka: Original Center of several Rajputs clans?

Maharashtra/Karnataka: Original Center of several Rajputs clans?
-Yashawant Malaiya
I have read a view that many of the Kuli Maratha clans in Maharashtra are descendants of Rajputs.

Based on what I have seen, it appears that to a considerable extent, reverse is true. Some of the Rajput clans originated from Maharashtra/Karnataka region with absolute certainty. Some of the others are, to the best of my knowledge, branches of clans that originated from Maharashtra/Karnataka.
Thus it appears that some of the Kuli Marathas are not Rajputs who settled in Maharashtra, rather they are relatives of their branches who settled in Rajasthan/Gujarat.

Rathore are same as Rashtrakuta. Solanki are same as Chalukya. I am quite certain that the Paramaras are a brach of Rathores, based on early Paramara copper-plates.

Consider these major Rajput clans:
Rathor=Rashtrakuta: of Jodhpur, Bikaner etc. 24 branches.
Gahadaval: of Kannauj. Regarded to be a branch of Rathors.
Bundelas: of Orchha, Datia etc. Regarded to be a branch of Gahadvals
Chandellas: of Khajuraho/Mahoba. Some obscure connection with Gahadval.
Paramara: Of Dhar/Abu. 24 branches.
Solanki=Chalukya: of Anahilavad. 16 branches.
Baghela: of Rewa. A branch of Solanki.
Silar: Shilahar of Kolhapur.
Some Rajputs do not appear to have originated fromMaharashta/Karnataka: Gahlot, Tomar, Kachhvaha, Chauhan, Parihar,Bhati.

We should note that emergence of Rajputs coincides with expansion of Rashtrakutas and Chalukyas into western/northern India.

It is also interesting to note that around the same time lineages of Jain Bharratakas (Sarasvati-Gachchha-Balatkara-Gana as well as Pustaka-gachchha-Desiya-Gana) appeared in North India. Also, theSenas appeared in Bengal after having moved from Karnataka. Rajatarangini of Kalhana mentions about adaptation of Karnataka customs in Kashmir!


  1. One more Interesting fact I've observed is that have u observed the naming of their places( i.e., Rajput places).. vis-a-vis Sialkot, Anhilwad, Marwar(Marwad), Mewar(Mewad), Anhilwar(Anhilwadi) don't they ring bells. No other North Indian places end their name with a wad typical Deccan property like Dharwad, Karwar, Sawantwadi, Vijaywada, Marathwada, etc. to name a few.. Show their early founders must be from Deccan.. :)

  2. N they are the only ones in north who named their daughters as bai's.. Remember Jodhabai..

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