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Rod Marathas | Marathas in Haryana

-Deepender Deswal

PANIPAT: There is quite a bit of Maharashtra in Jatland, which went down memory lane on Friday — remembering the third battle of Panipat fought between  Marathas and Afghans. Descendants of these Maratha warriors, now numbering seven lakh, are living all over Haryana, but it is the historic Bhadar village, dominated by Maratha Rod population, which is in the focus on the 250th anniversary of the third battle of Panipat.

And within this village, it is the old Shiva temple, which stands testimony to the bravery of the Marathas.

Sarpanch Kaptan Singh Rod told The Times of India that the temple existed even before 1761, but was in a dilapidated condition.

The sarpanch stated, "The Maratha soldiers stayed in this village before the battle and the villagers supplied them with essential commodities. Later, after the defeat, many soldiers returned to this village and their numbers increased gradually.

Now, around 50% of the total population of 5,000 is of Maratha Rods." Virender Maratha, convener of Marath Jagriti Manch and resident of Karnal, confirmed that there are around seven lakh Maratha Rod population in Haryana, descendants of the warriors who hid in the state after the defeat of the Maratha army at the hands of Afghans.

The locals stated that around 80% of visitors to these places are Marathis.

(Times of India)


  1. I am a Maratha nad very proud to be so. I want to connect with Rod marathas and try to understans them. How can someone make it possible for me?

  2. Yes,This is BIGGEST News of india.
    nd for maharashtra'MARATHAs

  3. These are Ror Maratha. plz don't say rod maratha.
    and these are Descendants of Maratha prisoners of war (1761)

  4. pls visit for more information.

  5. this is a great maratha history. we all should accept that rode in haryana are a maratha.

  6. all rode comunity should be thankful to MARATHA VIRENDER VERMA for giving maratha identity to comunity.

  7. MARATHA VIRENDER VERMA is a real well wisher of all rode maratha community so in my opinion all rode comunity should keep pace with MARATHA VIRENDER VERMA. he is a real hero who resigned from IAS job only for our people. if we does not wake now then no one will come for our self so we should not miss this golden chance and we all must take an oath that we will be with MARATHA VIRENDER VERMA. thanks

  8. The Ror is a Kshatriya community and numbers between 750,000 and 1,000,000. They hold nearly 270 villages in Haryana and 52 more in Western Uttar Pradesh and the Haridwar district of Uttarakhand.
    In his work, A Glossary of the Tribes and castes of Punjab and North-West Frontier Provinces, H. A. Rose says that the Ror are fine, stalwart men. Quoting from the third volume, Rose says:[2]
    The real seat of the Ror is the great Dhak jungles of Thanesar. They hold 84 villages and Amin is the "Tika" or head village. They also hold 12 villages south of Kaithal and the gotra there is Turan. Again, there are 12 more villages of the Ror beyond the Ganges. The immediate place of origin of the Rors seems to be Badli in Jhajjar tehsil of Rohtak district and all of them unanimously claim to have come from there.Rors continued to hold several big forts in Sindh till the Arab invasion of AD 711 and some of the longest battles between the Arabs and Indians were fought at the three forts of Rori (Raor), BahRor and AghRor. Chachnama mentions the occurrence of a "Jauhar" during the siege of the BahRor fort. All men of the military class, Ror Thakurs and their relatives were put to death after the Arab victories. Elsewhere in Sindh, a noble by the name of Dahir Ror is said to have engaged Bin Qasim and his forces in an intense battle before the final engagement between the Arab forces and Raja Dahar's army. After the occupation of Sind by the Arabs, the surviving Ror warriors came away and some of them settled in Ahar, from where the Aharya Rana dynasty of Mewar derived their name.Excavations at a small village about 18 miles from Agra led to the discovery of a Ror seat of power there. The place is now called Kagarol but Alexander Cunningham and his assistant A. C. L. Carlleyle are of the view that it was originally Kaga Ror or Khangar Ror (after the name of Ror King Khangar) and later got corrupted to the present Kagarol. This princely state based at Kaga Ror had 52 forts in the Agra area and was lost to the Turks in the times of Qutbuddin Aibak. Prithvi Raj Chauhan became the ruler of Delhi with the support of the Rors and he gave big chunks of Haryana and North Rajasthan to Balda gotra Rors as well as Mehla gotra Rors. In the Battle of Tarain, there were as many as seven Ror generals in Chauhan's army and it does not come as a surprise that they claim Rai Pithora to be one of their own blood. Rai Hari Ram Kadian, Bhup Singh Mehla, Pulhan Rai from Jhansi were all Ror generals in Chauhan's army and another notable person from this community was a lady called Kirpi, who led a battalion of women in the very same fashion as the Rani of Jhansi much later.In 1207 AD Chanda Rawal (name in a similar tradition as that of Bappa Rawal) was the King in Badli, Jhajjar. Rors had been ruling from this seat for more than a thousand years since Rudradaman I and his 150 AD campaign against the Yaudheya Kshatriyas. But times had suddenly turned hostile with the Turks having got the better of Prithviraj Chauhan and the Hindu army by deceitfully attacking in the early hours of dawn when the Indian army was still sleeping on the banks of the Ghaggar. The Turks under the Slave Qutbuddin Aibak were particularly nasty and demanded 'dola' from all the kings around Delhi in order to rub salt into the festering wounds left by an undeserving defeat. They demanded the Rawal's daughter and the Rors refused stoutly.

    1. Kshatriya rajputo ko kaha jata hai
      My frnd sahi information deni chahiye..

    2. Maratha Kshatriya hai...iske liye tumhare certificate ki jarurat nahi hai... Dost..

  9. we are proud to be maratha . come make a strong power in haryana .


  10. hi! iam siddharth a maratha from maharashtra,good wishes to all my ror maratha brother in haryana really proud of our anciestor who fought with afghan for land and respct.

    1. हिस्ट्री को जानने फिर कोमेंट करो

  11. Hi i am living in panipat, i want to know how many maraths are in panipat

  12. HI iam Rajesh taya Maratha from karnal iam most of thankful to MARATHA VIRENDER VERMA .He is only one person for giving our identity

  13. Jay Bhavani
    Proud of my Maratha brothers in Hariyana.
    I am saurabh pekhale-Patil,Maratha from Maharashtra.
    Many good wishes & god blessings to my brothers.
    Jay Jijau
    Jay shivray
    Jay shambhuray

  14. Our Maharashtrian brother...if you really recognize us as your brother then plz spread the word of our existence in Maharashtra. I have many Maharashtrian friends and believe me they don't know about us.

  15. Ram Ram All Ror Maratha Brothers.....First Of all I want to say sorry .Because I was really dont know that Maratha are still present in Haryana.But yaah feeling proud to be a MARATHA...and I will spread this truth in Maharashtra.Two lines for Our Warrior "ShambhuRaje"..."Desh Dharam Par Mitnewala Sher Shiva KA chhava tha..Mahaparakrami Mahapratapi Ek hi ShambhuRaja Tha".Jay Ma Bhavani,Jay Shivaji,Har Har Mahadev.

    From:- Ganesh Kale,Maharashtra

  16. jai maa bhavani from ravinder mratha
    sikander kheri (kaithal) haryana

  17. Anurag Rana ranjitkumar rana tham konse Kshatriya tham mari dasio k vansaj ho jonsa naam fame milri ni h ya hamare badolt milri... jo jada history chidi ho ni dubara rply krliye or tham Kshatriya ni ragad ho ragad

  18. I am proud of our martha warrior community. There a big population of martha community in Telangana, andhra, karnataka and tamilnadu. In telugu states we are called sare Maratha or sare kshatriya. Please visit us at

  19. I am proud of our martha warrior community. There a big population of martha community in Telangana, andhra, karnataka and tamilnadu. In telugu states we are called sare Maratha or sare kshatriya. Please visit us at


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