Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Solanki Kings

By Prof. Yashwant Malaiya, Colorado, USA

The word Solanki is another form of Chaulukya. They were certainly Chaulukya.

The Chaulukyas arose in Badami perhaps in 6th cent. One of their major branches ruled Kalyan (Kalyani) . They had some other branches also.

King Mularaja I, founded the Chaulukya line of Anahilavad in A.D. 942.

He was the son of King Raji of Kalyan. Jayasimha Siddharaj was 6th and Kumarpal as the 7th ruler in this line.

The Chaulukyas of Badami and Kalyani were also frequent supporters of Jainism. Many Jain scholars wrote books in their rule. Some of their dandadhipatis and mandalaikas were devout Jain.

At times Chaulukyas were subordinate under the Rashtrakuta (at other times, Chaulukyas were rivals) who were often enthusiastic supporters of Jainism.

The Chaulukyas had a long tradition of supporting Jainism, although none of them are as distinguished in this resepct as King Kumarpal.

Chaulukyas and Chauhan (Chahamana) are not related. The Chauhans arose  in Shakambhari (Sambhar, Ajmer) in Rajasthan.

The Meguti temple (634 AD) is very famous for its historical inscription, popularly known as Ahihole inscription.

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